"The difference between a guitar player and a guitar student is the amount of practice..."

As impressive as that sounds, it's really very simple. The more comfortable you are with music in general and your instrument in particular, the easier it will be to express yourself. That's why at LJE Music Lessons we offer a well rounded program on all emphasized instruments we teach.

We don't simply drill students on scales and dry exercises. Of course, we cover the technical basics, but we offer so much more: theory & harmony, sight reading, ear training, elements of style, improvisation, and exposure to a wide range of musical styles. At LJE Music Lessons, the program is tailored to the individual as only private instruction can provide. Both teacher and student work together to design a program to fit your pace, background, and interests.

LJE Music Lessons offers private music instruction in:

-Piano Lessons
     -Suzuki approach
     -Traditional approach
-Guitar Lessons 
     -Bass guitar
     -Guitar (beginner, rock, blues, country, jazz, & classical)
-Strings (Suzuki & Traditional)
     -Double Bass
-Brass (Classical)
     -Saxophone (tenor, alto)
-Voice Lessons

I want to thank you for your interest in our lessons program, and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

-Leroy Esparza
(Owner - LJE Music Lessons)


LJE Music Lessons (Emerald Crossing Shopping Center)
9815 Culebra RD, Ste 106
San Antonio, TX 78251

Studio: 210.332.9179
Direct:  210.906.2742
Email: contact@LJEMusicLessons.com